Constructing a modern, healthy school is an investment in our students and staff

The district is presenting two ballot questions to Mora school district voters on November 5th:

QUestion One:

Should the Mora Public School District construct an addition to the Trailview campus for grades 7-8?

Question Two:

If Question 1 passes, should the Mora Public School District also construct an addition to the Trailview campus for grades 9-12?

These ballot questions allow voters to decide whether to:

  • Build an addition to move some of our secondary students – those in grades 7-8 – to the Trailview campus, or

  • Complete our campus and move all of our secondary students – those in grades 7-12 – to a new wing at the Trailview site, or

  • Reject all of the proposed investments needed to build a new school

Current school facility

preliminary draft of new school

A new building will support vocational training and hands-on learning

New construction will support better vocational training, STEM curriculum, technology access, collaboration and a variety of strategies to accommodate today’s educational programming and best practices.

Although design plans cannot be finalized until after the referendum, new construction will include:

  • Properly equipped work stations for welding, auto shop and cooking classes

  • Science labs with functioning sinks, Bunsen burners, and proper ventilation

  • Expanded computer labs and improved classroom technology (e.g., Internet, e-boards, wireless infrastructure) 

  • Adequate electrical access in all spaces

  • Modern spaces that are flexible for students to move around and break into groups

  • Accessibility for all learners, regardless of their physical challenges

Examples of recently-built schools

Addressing safety and accessibility problems 

Moving students to Trailview will result in a safer environment for students, including: 

  • Properly supervised, controlled-access entrances

  • Security cameras, occupancy sensors and door monitors

  • Fire sprinkler and alarm systems covering the entire building

  • Safe, fresh drinking water at the water fountains and hydration stations

  • Modern accessibility to remove barriers for people with physical challenges and those who use mobility aids like wheelchairs or crutches

  • Compliance with all applicable building codes and regulations

Untitled design (15).png

Alleviating costly repair issues

A new school will be built with energy-saving mechanical systems and materials  resulting in lower energy costs and lower maintenance costs for the district, and a more comfortable environment for students, including:

  • Modern and efficient heating, cooling and ventilation systems

  • Energy efficient and sealed windows and roofing

  • Lead free plumbing

The plan completes our campus

Bringing all of our students to our Trailview campus is consistent with the district’s long-term strategic direction and makes the best use of staffing, shares resources, increases transportation efficiency, and improves convenience for parents, staff and students.